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Need to sell your house fast? We’ll give you the knowledge to make smart decisions and the support you need for money-saving, stress-free solutions. Our sympathetic professionals are only a phone call away; a short conversation with us may be life changing. We have a love for real estate, a passion for helping people and improving communities. Whether you are selling a home, buying a home or looking for an investment property, our goal is to help you find an answer to your real estate needs; contact us today.

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Take Steps to Safeguard Your Earnest Money

Posted by Stephanie Marler // July 5, 2017

The money you bring to the table when you make an offer on a property, signals your intent to see the deal through. This finance will represent a good chunk of change and before you hand it over, there are steps you should take to safeguard your “earnest money.” Eventually, the money will form part […]

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The Mother-In-Law Apartment: When the Folks Need Family

Posted by Stephanie Marler // June 28, 2017

Could a mother-in-law apartment be the answer when your home is perfect but you desperately need more space? There are many reasons why size becomes a critical factor. A widowed parent needs to be near family, you want to host out-of-town friends and family or your college grad needs a base while job hunting. Whatever […]

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Common Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Posted by Stephanie Marler // June 21, 2017

Most of us would agree that when we buy our own home, we are making a major investment. But even with the significance of this venture, some of the common mistakes first time home buyers make can be mind boggling. Residential real estate is no less an investment than stocks and shares but you wouldn’t […]

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